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. Special Operations is a unique military role offered to almost any fool who is proud enough to accept so they can be sent into impossible-to-survive suicide missions. But, the fools must be highly trained before they go into any mission. That's not all true, though. The Covenant and the UNSC have different definitions of "training" and "suicide missions".

Spec-Ops Elite chillin'

Covenant Edit

Main article: Covenant Special OperationsCovenant Spec Ops squads show up in Halo: CE wearing a grayish-colored armor. There are Spec Ops Grunts who wield Fuel Rod Guns and Spec Ops Elites who have an awesome way of throwing Plasma Grenades

. They are a bit tough to kill on higher difficulties becau

se the Grunts spend all of there life fuel rod spamming in the hopes to hit you with one. They show up at the last couple levels of the game, making the game a little harder.

Recruitment Edit

Grunts are chosen to be in the Spec Ops groups through a competition where the Grunt with the best accuracy with a Fuel Rod Gun (Hit/Miss percentage is usually 3/100), or if a Grunt is lucky, they can be chosen if they have the fastest trigger finger while holding a Fuel Rod Gun. These competitions can have no audience on the account of hazardous fossil fuels exploding in their face.

Elites are chosen on the account of who has the best PG/S (Plasma Grenades per Second) score. The winners are implanted with the latest Aimbot technology so that they always know where you are and they have 100% accuracy with a Plasma Rifle.

Purpose Edit

Spec ops groups have the purpose of making a last second effort to stop the Master Chief. They never succeed, but who cares, they look awesome. Why don't the little noobs just send the Spec Ops in every time if they are so good? After all, this is the Master Beef they're dealing with.


The UNSC has an easy way to make obedient super soldiers that can be used for special operations. It is called cloning. Though, not all the UNSC's money goes to feeding Spartan children. No, not even for the scientists' salaries. The UNSC uses more of their money on ODST and their equipment and weapons. ODST are described as "helljumpers" and sometimes "all-purpose". This description of them sounds like they can handle any special operation than a Spartan who is only described as a "super soldier".

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