For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Sh1tz m4sta.

Cquote1Warm up the cannons, we're glassing this fucker.Cquote2
— Average reaction from a shipmaster reading this article
Cquote1Why glass them when we can anally rape them with our Deathshanks™?Cquote2
— Half-Jaw responding to above quote

What are shipmasters? Shipmasters are the bossy-ass commanders of their ships, always telling their bitches to do this, do that.

The typical Shipmaster

Where They Came From Edit

Shipmasters are Elites who think they're so da boss that they took over fleets of ships and made them their own, causing the testicle chins, who were then helluva' damn drunk when the incident happened, made all their fleets have an annoying and lazy-ass Shipmaster who always smoke crack and fuck girls on their makeshift thrones. Stupid Prophets.

Their IntelligenceEdit

So far, pretty much every single Shipmaster except for half-jaw have an IQ of 3, making them the most retarded dumbasses in the whole Covenant, pretty much because they keep trying to kamikaze their ships into a Human fleet, only to get crushed by a nearby planet's gravity.

Known Shipmasters Edit

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