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A mighty Sharquoi takes to the field of battle!

In 2553, Grunt scientists began OPERATION: CHEESE. Originally intended as an experiment, the gruntiness overwhelmed the poor researchers, leaving them horribly mutated from Gruntiness overexposure. The result of these were the Sharquoi.
USER Menacepotatoe steed


Now imbued with the strength of forty kittens, able to huff the equivalent to five thousands Grunts in four seconds, Sharquoi are the ultimate creatures! With the power of Gruntiness, they are unleashed by Grunts on their enemies during war, but mostly on each other because it makes them giggle.

After the Great Pants War, Kwarsh created an unstoppable army of Sharquoi. They were stopped when his xbox-360 lit up in the red-ring-of-death, and he cried. Then he sued microsoft.

WARNING: side effects may include full body itchiness, uncontrollable urges to lick your body, an uncontrollable fear of being huffed, and hairballs. See local Gruntiness Distributor if side effects persist. Its too late to save yourself, but you can at least die alone and forgotten.

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