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Jun, on the Seraph
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Seraph-class Starfighter.

The Covenant Seraph is their main form of at least trying to protect their ugly ships from Human craft. Still the Seraph has no chance of being cooler than the Tie Fighters or those alien fighters from Independence Day. They simply suck and they suck good enough for some notoriety in the Halo museum down in Washington. You know, the museum they started building. Here is some insight on the Seraph.


Seraph-class Starfighter

A Seraph just seconds from running into the background

A Seraph is practically some naked girl ghost doing naked things, and the Covenant thought it was appropriate to name their starfighters this because they prefer to be piloted by naked Elites and Monkeys. The Seraph went into full production as a response to the Covenant being called total jokes for not having fighters on Facebook. A thousand or a million or some number of Seraphs were built. Each Seraph had to be dunked in the butter cauldron so sticky missiles bounce off. We're not sure if that ever worked.

Armament and DefensesEdit

Seraphs are armed with two Energy Flingers around their ugly face and a bunch of bombs. The Covenant have no technology to make missiles so the Seraph has to desperately try to drop bombs on other starfighters. This explains the Seraph kill ratio- 1 kill:5,000 deaths. The Energy Flingers are so pathetic its like the Covenant are using fighters from WW1. There is just no point in using them. To try and even the odds, Seraphs were soon equipped with shields. These completely changed the Seraph kill ratio to 2 kills:4,999 deaths. That could be considered an 'improvement'.


Seraph engines are just a pair of volleyballs with a potato project. They are stupid, annoying, and totally fucked. Seraphs can use these to travel no more than 100 mp/h. And yes, the pilots got a D on their potato project engines. No Seraphs exist today since they all died in Halo 3.

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