SS-Kick Ass

The Seperatist Phantom used by J'Suz Kusov and his 'leet squad (includes three grunts).

Cquote1wtf haxz0rzCquote2
— Master Chief when seeing one go invisible
Cquote1Noble Six! Get on a Hornet and clear a LZ for our Elite allies so they can help us kill the prophet...Hold on wait a minute...Cquote2
— Carter realising he's in the wrong game.


Seperatist Phantoms (AKA Green Turds, Invisible Turds, or just Elite Phantoms) are Phantoms used mainly by Xenomorphs to pwn the Space Monkeys after the Xenomorphs left the Covenant (they left because the covies swag level is way, way UNDER 9,000). The 'leets made s00per d00per h4ckz and fixed the turd with a cloaking device, and a phasing device (which makes it invisible, and able to drive through!) when both used at one time, it is called "ghost mode" by people and "spooky mode" by noob's.

6 Reasons why it's better than the Standard PhantomEdit

  1. Elites use it (elites are way better than stupid space gorillaz).
  2. It no longer looks like a grape. It looks like a kiwi, and kiwis are better than grapes.
  3. It's green (green is better than purple).
  4. It's swag level is way higher than that of a regular phantoms'.
  5. It was designed by Oscar the Grouch .
  6. Bill Gates said it was better (anything he says is a fact).

Notable Seperatist PhantomsEdit

  • SS-Kick Ass (the one used by me and my elite squad, is seen as the first picture in this article)
  • SS-Green Arbi-Turd (the one the arbiter cruises around in)
  • SS-Firin Mah Lazaar (The ONLY seperatist phantom that fires a lazor that looks EXACTLY like shoop da woop)
  • SS-I Would Have Been Yo Mama (Bought by Mr. T from a random elite)
  • SS-Why Are We Naming Spaceships With SS In The Front? I Mean For God's Sake "SS" Is For Boats. (created by an elite that had a really good question)
  • SS-Kill Da Coviez
  • SS-Wort Wort Wort
  • SS-Blaaaaarrgggg (created by a very slow elite)
  • SS-Heinrich Himmler (For special National Socialist operations)

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