Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Sentinel Enforce YOU!Cquote2
— The Arbiter, after finding that out the hard way
Cquote1*Mechanical churning*Cquote2
— A very enraged Enforcer complaining about The Arbiter lowering the containment field 
Cquote1*Mechanical churning*Cquote2
— Enforcer, explaining why the Forerunners killed themselves
Cquote1*Mechanical churning*Cquote2
— A typical Enforcer

The Arbiter about to enforce the Sentinel (whatever that means)

Sentinel Enforcers are huge mechanical things that have shields in front of them. They were made by the morons who started all this crap and are the big brothers to the traffic cones, have a low attention span and don't give a crap to any lightbulbs whatsoever. In the winter Enforcers usually make ground burrows and store Pelican meat for food in their 3 second hibernation.


Halopedia suggests that Enforcers only appear when a Flood infestation gets too large, explaining their abscence in Halo CE. This argument however, got flung right outside the window when the Flood unleashed the biggest fuckstorm in recorded history on the Ark and no Enforcers showed up. Halopedia later claimed that the Forerunners didn't expect Ebola on the Ark, thereby shooting themselves in their (Halopedian) foot after writing an elaborate article about the Forerunners and their superior technology. Bah.

if you want to kill one you shoot of its arms


Auto Cannon That Fires Red Christmas Lights: You'll make a shiny corpse.

Nooblewerfer: You'll make a gory corpse.

Invisible Sentinel beam: You'll die with a confused facial expression.

Chuck Norris Manhug: Makes tanks explode.


  • Holding up the traffic to let pedestrians through.
  • Arresting Sentinel Criminals.
  • Being Traffic Lights.

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