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AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!

A Sentinel Beam...I think

The Sentinel Beam (Sometimes known as the Almighty Quadlaser and Continuous Lightsabre) is a Forerunner weapon used mostly by Sentinels, Guilty Spark, abusive girlfriends and, sometimes, Master Chief, who likes to rip one off a nearby Sentinel. Sentinels get rather upset at this, as...

A) It's the only weapon they actually have.

B) It's the only thing they actually have. except lame arms


The Sentinel Beam shoots a long, red piss genital colored beam that pretty much destroys everything in its path except Grunts and Avery Johnson. A dying Grunt who got hit by the beam have described the beam like "eating expired Food Nipple, when you eat it--it's just horrible". So, from that worthless quote and other sources of information, we can conclude that the beam that the weapon possess is very dangerous, though, the weapon, if used by a noob or Marine, can kill enemies as easily as throwing a housefly at them. So, you can't spin around like an idiot and fire at random directions without missing a lot and wasting energy.
Swagg Lazerz

A Sentinel epicly demolishing a AIDS with its dope laser.

Of course, that's only if you're a noob.

...Well, at least it's better than the original version. All that one did was shoot 1 round with all 100 energy and move at the same speed as a retarded elephant, and all it did to people was teleport them into that freaky gas mine in the Jupiter lookalike near Hula Hoop 4.

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