The Scattershot aka the Scattershit is a shot gun in halo 4.

it can be very kick-ass kick-ass but i'm all out of kick-ass but you've gotta be careful who your fighting with. *hint* *hint*


When it shoot's your spaghetti.

This page has since been fixed after being haxed by the Scattershot in a poor attempt to make itself sound good (nooby).


M6C vs. Scattershot- WTF?!!! It's so easy to see which wins >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

M6D vs. Scatter shot- Jesus gun wins. Period

Battle Rifle vs. Scattershot- Like I said shotgun wins

Shotgun vs. Scattershot-  It depends which ones the AK 47 YOU camper.

Scattershot vs. Scattershot- Depends on who shoots The Bestest Hax0r

Scattershot vs. Jamaican "What?! I won't kill my own kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scattershot vs. Polish- POLSKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • It's Red Blue Orange (finally)
  • It's an alien shotgun (FINALLY)
  • It looks like a badly made dildo (Somebody tell Miranda not to touch it)


  • It's another gun for campers (FUUUUUUUU)
  • HOW THE HELL DO YOU RELOAD THIS F***ING THING?!!!! (rub to reload????)

So yeah dont use it for a dildo it's gonna hurt and if you shoot yourself, your spaghetti (the cannibals will be hungry) :0

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