Generals have the ability to lunge from the ceiling. Just kidding, I flipped this image upside down, poor Elite.

Cquote1Holy shit I'm covered in pis- I mean WORT WORT WORTCquote2
— An Elite General getting their armor for the first time.
Cquote1We're still sprayed with that stuff!Cquote2
— A Zealot in response to the above General.
Cquote1Lolololol u r haz no spork lulz o shiz-Cquote2
— A noob that just died of being Boogered.

These guys are awesome people, even though they are not higher in rank than Fork Wavers, they still do epic destruction with all the explosive shit they do and only draw out a Death Stick when you piss them off.

Generals are actually bigger pwnzorz than Zealots because the armour is harder to unlock, therefore Generals are the pwn kings. They are seen commanding groups of Grunts, Jackals, Elites and pretty much everyone.

the reason they are covered in piss is still unknown, it is probably the result of prophets being retarded.

Known GeneralsEdit


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