SWAT Guardian

Xenomorphs are very hard to kill when playing SWAT, this is why there is only 1 Elite on a team.

SWAT is an old gametype from Halo 2, ooh the good ol' days, people were very creative, but then Bungie stole the person's idea and put it in matchmaking! SWAT is about using your BR and Fagnum to shoot everyone on the opposing team in the head, a variant of this gametype called SHWATguns has been made, this version features Boomsticks.


This is why Gravity Hammers are not used in SWAT.


Bungie police goes out banhammering Swat style....

You have no shields, so unless you can aim for your enemy's head and even shoot, you're fucked. You should play as Elites in this gametype because it's harder to shoot them WTF WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE PLAY AS ELITES WHEN DOING SWAT? (Damn noobs)


It has been put in Halo 3 too, and in Reach, they are pretty much the same except that the DMR is over the top crap.

SWHATguns can be done in all games because boomsticks pwn nuff said.

So... the boomstick obviously exists in Halo 1, so you can get SWHATguns, no BR, but you still have an Jesus gun so you can play epic SWAT.

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