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— The Leet noob himself

The n00b himself.

This article recieves the award of being the 777th article on Gruntipedia, glory goes to Oskarmandude for making this article.

Spartan 1337 is a cishet shitlord Spartan who appeared in Halo Legend's shittiest episode, odd one out, he is more random than the episode himself. He is actually and Elite, this explains why his tag is 1337.

The only cool thing he did was the Falcon Brofist with that mutant Brute, aside from that, his whole life has been a mathematical error.


  • He is one of the only people who can do the Falcon brofist
  • Fighting the Brute only made his life worse
  • He deploys Bubble Shields when he DOESN'T need them, but since he is a noob, every second is actually a good time.
  • He is voiced by Dick Assderz
  • This is the 777th article on Gruntipedia

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