Meat and Taters

The most famous inmates of Room 69

Room 69 is one of the 100 rooms in the Room System on High Charity. Many have been ordered to serve here, most notably Meat and Taters.


The purpose of the rooms, specifically room 69, is to hold people who didn't really do anything wrong, but if they are allowed to be in public all hell brakes loose (example: Taters. The brutes were jealous of him and threatened to cover High Charity in there shit, so to please them they put Taters in Room 69). That is why the rooms have TVs, Board games, a Nintendo, and a porn library, and the conditons are generally better than Prison. The reason Room 69 is most famous is because it is considered lucky. While in the other rooms most people spend their entire lives in them, Room 69 has never had anyone spend more than ten years in it.

What's in the roomsEdit

  • A TV
  • Assorted Board games
  • Bookshelf of porn
  • A computer with internet access
  • 1 Bed
  • A phone
  • A video camera, for making porn and other videos
  • Sex toys
  • A gamecube or Xbox 360

Former InmatesEdit

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