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Cquote1Hmm... What's a Mustang doing all the way here out on Reach?Cquote2
— Cpt. Keyes

The Revenant, or the Covenant Mustang, put shortly, is the most badass little Covie piece of ground equipment you'll find. It's a cross between a modern sports car and a Wraith. So... it's like Ford Mustang... WITH A MORTAR TURRET! Not to mention free NoS. The Rock would be proud. The revenant is painted red to symbolise how fast it is. In the covenant, red symbolises fastness. Grunts that can run particulary fast are awarded red armour. However they are often run over by Elites in revenants for fun.


Reach Revenant2

The Covenant Mustang opens fire. AT NOOBS :D

The Revenant was mainly used by Elites to ram Marines n00bs because it was very fast. YAY MORE DEAD NOOBS!


One very smart Elite decided to take a Mustang and put a mortar turret on it. Then he took of the wheels and brought in to Reach (see above). Then n00b haters everyone rejoiced. What actually happened was that a Wraith and a Mustang fell in love and this is what happend 9 months ,later long story short.


Mustang Covenant-style

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