For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Requiem (Level).

Level 2 of the most unnecessary Halo story of all time. There's nothing too special about the level, its actually very boring and consists of non-stop chatter between Chief and Cortana. Also somehow the Dawn from Halo 3 magically gets weapons and vehicles from Halo 4. As if someone resupplied a torn ship and left Chief to float in space.

The Entrance to a Planet Size Shelter Destroys Ships and Kill Things. Such logic!Edit

So apparently the Shield World, which is basically a shelter from Halo rings, destroys the ship a person is fleeing in and kills them. What logic the Forerunners have! There's no better shelter than one that pulverizes anything and allows debris to wreck the place. Oh and its actually not a Dyson sphere, its like there was a metal ceiling over an already existing planet. Thats alright, were it not disregarding existing lore. And the Chief? Flying into hardened steel at high speeds then going into gravity that crushes thousands of tonnes of metal ships then hitting the surface at who knows what speed has come out relatively unscathed. And Cortana is now having a prolonged period.

Cheif: then these aliens came down, and (gibberish) the cleatus, and then these ALiens started probing us, and then of course the...

Cortana:WAIT WAIT WIAT WAIT!!. You left the hood, your homies, your hoe, and your dild-

Chief: Cortana! Don't make me whip it out.

Cortana: Sorry, I was having a wet dream. I'm fine.

Chief: Girl, you been crazy since the Dawn. You need to get your act together before I sell your ass.

Cortana: No really, I'm fine.

Chief: 'Tana...

Cortana: I was born in the barn 9 years ago. Girls start having periods after 7 years.

Chief: Tampons... We need to find a tampon. It can help you.

Cortana: Chief...

Chief: Cortana, we can help you.

Cortana: Its all about to come pouring down.

Chief: Fucik woman! Now you ruin my suit! Get back in your chip before I shove something thats not a tampon up that glowing pussy of yours.

  • NSA jets fly overhead*

Cortana: The NSA is watching me bleed. We need to move. Chief and Cortana journeyed through the rubble, finding a way out before the Storm could make an insurance claim. Then they proceed to use a Warthog conviently undamaged and drives to a Forerunner base.

Cortana: That Elite dropped something. I believe its the same bullcrap from Halo: Reach.

Chief: Invisibility? Please tell me this isn't happening again. No way 343, your turning Halo into Call of Duty. I quit.

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