The Regenerator is a piece of medical equipment used by noobs and people with no lives alike.

Overview Edit


Huh. looks like a four-pronged potion!

The Regenerator is an equipment item that made its debut in Halo 3 along with a bunch of other all-powerful items that didnt make much sense being there.

When dropped the Regenerator will increase your shields (or as douchbags call it, your "swag level"). Despite being a cheap way to "get healed fast," it is actually a sorta-good item...

You see, when a random noob named Meat and Taters dropped this item, it began to heal the damage caused by that Rocket Lawn Chair that Simon rjh shot him with. Sadly, it did not help Meat and Taters much for some guy named Pablo the Outlaw assasinated him...

It is said to cause an "arousal" in the player within the green mist. He becomes horny and begins to sweat profusely. When the Regenerator drops, this feeling is replaced with an urge to kill the last guy who shot you...

The Good Edit

The Regenerator heals you faster, not as fast as it takes a noob to have sex though. Nothing's faster than that. Anyway, it does give you an extra boost of health so that you might survive the carnage a wee bit longer.

Cquote1Silly fool. Noobs don't have sex, they masturbrate to PorntanaCquote2
— Random Halo 3 player

The Bad Edit

Though a Regenerator will heal a noob, it won't neccesarily make him better, it only gives him about an extra seven seconds to live. So if you're a noob like many, we here at Gruntipedia reccomend you try to use another piece of equipment.

As mentioned before, this item causes a sexual arousal that sometimes will result in an erection. This in turn, can and has resulted in numerous cases of players getting their nuts blown off by sniper rifle shots. This is known by many as: Holy Crap, Someone Just Shot my Junk into a Pile of Hamburger Helper Syndrome.

Facts Edit

  • Has many horrid side effects.
  • The amazing Bungie is responsible for this equipment.
  • Reccomended to be used only in emergencies.
  • If you are dumb enough to use it as a dildo, please don't use the sharp side. ;)
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