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Cquote1I can has reconz?Cquote2
Master Chief on Recon Armor.
Cquote1No you can't has recon. You are now on the "No Recon List."Cquote2
Bungie employee
Cquote1 :( i no can has rec0nz Cquote2
Master Chief on his ban from Recon.

Recon also known as Mark VI MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant is the Holy Grail of Halo. It's what Bungie gives to those who spend far too much time on really stupid forge maps, or do something idiotic and/or lucky


The most overrated armor in all of Halo-Oh no a noob is trying to kill me because I said that!

in-game, such as getting killed by a traffic cone, or deflecting a Spartan Laser with a Spike-Grenade or doing something stupid like those screenshots with retarded effects by going into a grenade .

Introduction Edit

The Recon Armor is whined about far too often for anyone to ever take it seriously, however, some state that having it is enough for people to go to their knees; bending over in some sort of zealous state. It's pretty rare, with only a jillion people having it, and is rather ugly. If you somehow manage to keep your account from being hacked, you will be ridiculed for having it, just because those bastards don't have it.


Helmet Characteristics Edit

Flat out uber kiddies

Shoulder Characteristics Edit

This is the best part of the armour. The shoulders kick so much ass that people make monuments and statues for them. This is the #1 reason why people want Recon. The only complaint that people have is that the little "flap" hides their emblem, of course these are the people that don't have the armor.

Body Characteristics Edit

It looks like the CQB, but without the cool little sharp tingly knife thing. It makes the Spartan look way bigger than he actually is, and like all those offers for V1AGR4 that I keep getting in my e-mail in-box, I learned that bigger is better.

Controversy Edit

Because human beings can't live without dissing Bungie for some reason, everyone was right pissed when they heard Recon was Bungie only. They were so butt-hurt that Bungie eventually made it possible for people to get it, but only by wasting precious years of their lives. Though, your account would just be hacked after a few seconds of receiving the armor. People were still butt-hurt because they wanted to get recon for doing nothing, so bungie
HALO 4 Dubstep Montage04:33

HALO 4 Dubstep Montage

Bungie will totally consider a video like this fair trade for recon. You should make one, and get recon armor too.

made it so you can buy recon

The Elites were also deeply troubled by the fact that there is no Recon armour for them. Several protest rallies have since been held by the Elites.

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