The level starts with Master Chief taking a joyride in a giant dune buggy. He grabs a lazer pointer to blow up a big floating eyeball, then Cortana whines about all her weird body issues. He blows up another eyeball, but then a big grape comes and pees all over his dune buggy. MC doesn't like that, so he swims up its pee stream to get inside and seal its urethra, causing a massive urine buildup that makes it explode. His joyride continues, but then his dune buggy runs out of gas. He tries to find a gas station, but then Cortana says she needs some alone time. MC talks with Voldemort about how the AIDS started, then levels up, getting +2 intellect and +3 immunity to composition before a vampire says something about metal. Cortana says she's feeling better, so they go outside and find another lazer pointer, which they use to blow up the vampire's house.

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