Stanmarsh the Grunt about to pwn a n00b


The prototype UNSC reactor

The Human bases in The Wars require more energy then all of New York, LA, and Paris combined. THATSA LOTTA POWER! The UNSC expiremented with AA batteries and other stupid shit but the best was the reactor. The Prius hybrid fusion reactor is a big rectangular box with a glowing blue tube sporting it. This makes big signal flares that are shot up to some ship above sayin give us da power. Power is sent to the base so things can be done that wont help win the war. Still its nice to have a glowing thing on base to leave n00bs in awe and keep the AIDS away. You should only build at most 2 at a base or else n00b cancer can fu<k you up.

Rouge PowerEdit

The human leaders who cower in the ship above instead of being a man, can make a reactor a uber reactor that sends 2 flares to da ship from a pair of tubes. Pissed off, the ship will throw one of its engines at you and doesn't realise it gave you more power. The uber reactor has been recently thrown away for crimes against humanity since it glows so bright that it attracted AIDS and testicle chins to Earth. To get one you must buy it from the Grunt market for 1,200 bucks, enough to buy 4 off the line Xbox 360 elites or 12 Banshees. Most of the uber reactors are butt shit, still you should have "1"! Only 1.

Fate of the Redoubt MapEdit

A map was never added to Halo Wars cause it was blown up. The map is called 'The Redoubt', retarded name from Halo CP. I bet you're wondering what happened huh you little bastard? Well I'll tell you. During processing of the map a Grunt named Stanmarsh lead some more Grunts and Jackholes to a Human base there. They took it with no fight since it was guarded by n00bs who gave up only to be sent to the fart mines later. Wanting to show his status of a new Pharoah, Stanmarsh built 7 uber reactors at his new human base. It glowed so frakin bright that all the covies there had to get laser eye surgery a thousand times. A few days later all 7 uber reactors overloaded and imploded. 'The Redoubt' became a new Chernobyl. Whenever a testicle chin, n00b, or your mom dared to enter the map will immediately contract AIDS or in some cases Syphalus. The map was then trashed.

Fate of ReactorEdit

In the end Wal-mart bought the reactor to sell to the public. Soon they appeared in many households and schools as a new power source. Wal-mart was sued so many times for giving people cancer that it resulted in the damn covenant war on Wal-mart in the Halo CE level 'The Wal'. Reactors still suck compared to other ways to pwn n00bs. Dont be another Stanmarsh or I'll beat you to death with a wet noodle and t-bag your dead body.

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