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Ravemind being high again...

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Cquote1I have discoed much, to keep my fitness. Now you shall dance, and I shall witness.Cquote2
— Ravemind to Gravemind.
Cquote1Are you sure you don't want some of my weed?Cquote2
— Ravemind to Gravemind
Cquote1Mother fucker, I said NOCquote2
— Gravemind replying to Ravemind
Cquote1Then GTFO of my article!Cquote2
— Ravemind to Gravemind
Cquote1If I hadn't promised our mother not to kill you, I WOULD KILL YOU!Cquote2
— Gravemind
Cquote1Go shut up and rape CortanaCquote2
— Ravemind in response to the above qoute

The Ravemind was Gravemind's partying relative. It's true, he liked to dance. Some blame his failed attempt of dominating the world of being confined in a pot, unable to spread his AIDS past the reach of his tentacle, but who knows? He grows weed from his roots, however, he still gets high off them, so in some way, he is a self-cannibalist.

Some kids who get weed off of Ravemind say his corpsey structure is made from thousands of Grunts who got infected by the Flood while still being high on Gruntiness and Food Nipple. When Ravemind does spread his Hepatitis F, his victims say they can hear the ghostly moans of Grunts at night. Others reply it was just the next door neighbors groaning in bed again, and go next door to ask if they could join.

Ravemind has some great dance moves. He can shake his ass like a pro, and he can Russian tap dance real well. When he's not at parties dancing, he's either selling weed or expanding his prostitution business. He has often went to doctors claiming he has kidney problems. They have no explanation, and tell him to stay in school and stop being a pimp. This usually results in familiar local doctor's heads to be thrown across streets, with large condoms over their heads showing they were suffocated.

Ravemind once had an encounter with Ae Pi Dood. Pie Dude was flood infected at the time, and thought he was his brother, Gravemind. Ravemind became enraged when Ae Pi Dood turned out to be a better dancer then him, so he had an infected hunter killed. He totally got away with it.

Everyone has been spreading a rumor that Ravemind has no fingerprints because he is emo and burnt his fingers clean off. He claims it's bullshit, and he does have fingerprints. Still, very recently, a doctor said at the age of 68 he shouldn't be dancing. For some reason, they were gonna fingerprint him, and he just sneaked out of the office. He left behind a note saying "I'm 12" with a $10 bill inside and he then shouted down the street "why don't they love me!?"

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