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The Ranged Form (aka "la cucaracha guyz" zombie porcupine/wannabe power ranger hence the name) is one of the most annoying forms AIDS can take and is known by most players as the most annoying character in the whole halo universe mainly for the fact it fires super heated horse seman at tempatures of 9000,to try to seduce you into watching flood porn, trying to imitate a needlwer (due to special needs), but fails miserably. Sometimes, they will eat your grenades, and then laugh at the Noob yelling "OMGWTFBBQ ET EIT MAI SPEIK GURNEAD!!!". Also, they are afraid of fire. They tried to imitate gruntiness, but instead created CN Real,Disney XD, and Left-wing democrats. Also make sure you aren't hit by their yellow crystaline sperm or you'll end up uglier then ur mother when she met the dumbass graveAIDS. However, pure gruntiness can save you from teh retarded piece of popcorn. (but ur too much of a noob to have gruntiness) it looks like a flood infected pincushion that shoots out dildos.


The little asshole will too often stick out of your reach and fire their sperm. Then you run ot of bullets shootin at them. They laugh, and then the resume ejaculating over you until death. This gets really fuckin' annonying. The best tatic is to go on co-op with a noob. Tell him those sperm shooting dicks are really just scoops of ice cream dripping on your face. While the annoying flood bastards shoot your dumb-ass friend bastard, run like your momma's coming to give you a hug. And, yes, your friend is a dumb-ass, and your also a dumb-ass not to realize that. The power ranger form like the tank wank form is a spunk-driven bitch, this is actually to gain immortality apart from being run over by a vehicle.


They first appeared on Halo: Holy Combat. After realizing how big assholes they could be, they appeared on numerous talk shows. Nearly all of them asked "Why is their about 12 penises sticking out of your back?" Dr. Phil spat on them and asked if they would like it if Master Chief and the Arbiturd started pissing on their faces. After that they ran home crying, and a nearby grunt asked if they even had any nuts he could kick. They started bawling, and the wave of tears is what gave the Flood their name (take notice that they chose not to answer the grunt's question, because the gruntiness is too powerful due to being utilized by power rangers)

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