For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Rain Forest Wars.
AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!

The battlefield looks like any normal place...or does it?

The Rain Forest Wars were a lot of bloody battles between the United Nations, Koslovic and Frieden forces, most of which, ended very bloodily. It took place in South America where everything was peaceful, the economy okay, and someone even asked you out. Though, that would all be gone as fighting erupted. Koslovic, Frieden and UN forces fought over their difference in ideas, making more conflicts outside of Earth, such as the Aggressive Plant Campaign. This war was bad like Vietnam, but the screaming Vietnamese villagers with AK-47's are now replaced with the German-screaming Frieden and with the South American continent as the battlefield.

After the war, former soldiers returned to their lovers and started massive population surges. Now, you have your house destroyed, you are starving with the famine, the person that asked you out is dead, and now your jobless because of the bad economy. Now you can be a dumb Marine, live in a cold, crowded bunker with no room, and bang a hologram. Everyone's happy!

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