A usual outcome with the Radar Jammer...or maybe Grunts.

The Radar Jammer has many uses in the totally screwed up world of Halo. Some are useful others are well... pointless really. This one, as usual pointless.


  • The first purpose of the Radar Jammer is to distract halo players from their game. The Jammer emits flashing light and sounds which then draws in any noobs or other dim-witted knaves in the vicinity to look at it and say, "omg l00k at teh pretty c0l0urs lolololololol." The person who used the Jammer then uses this opurtunity/moment of lol to assassinate the other players. For this reason the Jammer is also called the bug catcher.
  • This can be combined with a Flare/Camo so you can sneak in the noobs base and steal their Paper on a Gravity Hammer so they won't even know who, when, how, the flag was stolen. If they are noobish enough, they won't even notice that the flag has been captured (sometimes they won't even know the gametype is CTF or that they are playing Halo, or that they're playing video games, or that they're even alive).
  • The Jammer can also be used by the player to help them discover the ghosts in multiplayer.

The Jammer deactivates all the ghosts camo and then they totally spaz, "oh noes mah camo is gone!!!111!!!11eleventy!" If a player has a sentinel beam on them, the ghost busters music will play and the player has 10 seconds to catch the ghost with their laser. Bungie put this feature in so that they could catch ghosts and make them into bungie's personal hookers.

  • The Jammer is used by marines. It is placed in their survival kit as a food proccessor, the kind

of jam that is made depends on what item is put in. Here is a list of the items and what they have the option to make:

Radar = strawberry jam.

Brute teeth = apricot jam.

Grunt mask = pizza jam.

Johnson's hair = a cure against aids (in jam form).

Bubble Shield= honey jam.

As you can see, Marines need their jam to survive on the battlefield. Without it they would stop saying their one liners.

  • The final (and probably most effective) use of the Radar Jammer is to simply throw it at your opponent. Be it a grunt, brute, elite, or just that marine that accidentally shot you.
Useful Equipment
Gruntiness' Dumb Brother | That Green Orb Plant that heals you | The Mine that can be seen a mile away | Yellow Ball of gay-version of Gruntiness | Blue Shield Thingy
Crappy Equipment that makes you wonder why Bungie put them in Halo
Blue Ball of Suckage of life | White-yellow soup fog | Feel the breeze under you | Thing that makes radars play music and go insane
Other stuff
Good for ugly people like Brutes | Most abused by noobs | Something your mom uses everyday

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