Cquote1In Soviet Russia, grenade pulses you!Cquote2
— An english-speaking forerunner

They hurt my hands.

The Forcefield is a piece of equipment returning from Halo 3. A mixture of renamed Deployable cover, Bubble shield and MURDEROUS DEATH combined. It was implemented by babby Bungie as a highly trained and specialized noob hunter as like all Prometheus weapons it is sentient. It uses it spikes as little pylons to detect brains with an IQ below a certain level. It then seeks them out and pretends to be a red bubbleshield to protect them from incoming enemy fire. The noob will enter the shield and it will shit red stuff on them whilst singing the Russian National Anthem (As the "Forcefield" is Soviet Rusian and a friend of the Jamaican Scattershot) and then implode killing the noob. Most normal people and non MLG pros will avoid the red shield as they know it contains dangerous volatile gruntiness. Overall in a survey of halo players 1% said it was good and over 9000% said it was bad as most of the halo community consists of noobs and MLG pros.

- They come in pairs so you can hide them in your scrotum.

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