The Prophet of Tolerance is the best friend of the prophet of swag they meet during lunch at nipple academy until they both stole the principals new uber pimped out gold supercarrier and headed to a halo ring.

Sixteen weeks after leaving nipple academy the prophet of swag got tired of the prophet of tolerance for making the bridge smell like rotten grunts so with the prophet of swag and his swag level over 100,000,000 dropped tolerance on the halo and activated the uber swag ray out of uber gruntiness to glass the prophet of tolerance to non-existent in the universe.

The prophet of swag is being hunted by the UNSC for stealing the pimped out uber gold supercarrier and destroying alpha Hulu hoop before the pillar if autumn found it they unleashed the beast to hunt swag down and destroy him but it never happened because of uber gruntiness and swag of 9,000,000,000

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