The Prophetess of Obligation was the only Prophetess who legally had to be a Prophet. She came from a long line of Prophets so she became a Prophet, She became the Prophetess of Obligation.


She was born in a seedy mining town in the third world: yorkshire Stupid name planet. The people on this planet were so pissed with being obligated to have a stupid name, they used this name to be a hater. The Prophet of haters said this was favourite planet to hate. But he hates everything he says, so i wouldn't quote him on that.Anyway, back to the whore queen [Sorry for the quotation, it is old. Before the drone queen was born.] Prophet. Her mother was the Prophetess of Eye Cancer. Or some other shit. But i'm too high to remember. Her father was unknown, but he was a Prophet... But actually a stripper dressed as a prophet.

Covenant CareerEdit

When she was at the high age of 3, she became a Prophet, she was obligated to do this. So she became the prophet of obligation. She obligated tons of people to do shit. Idiots like brutes and drones just went around slaving around her just because she was a Prophet. While the Grunt's and Elites had some "Family bonding time" because they were clever. Soon she was such a prize Whore, that the male prophets made her work in the nude.

Notable People who slept with her:Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is more of a whore than Cortana itself.
  • She, like every woman in halo history, has had a lesbian affair with Jilan al-Cyngi.

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