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The Prophet of Misinterpretation was a prophet 10 years ago. He misinterpreted many things, even something a human said on the radio, which started the Grunt Rebellion. He was killed by a grunt; the highest honour in the galaxy.

Early lifeEdit

As a kid, he misinterpreted many, many things. When his parents said "Someone, please kill me", he assumed that meant they wanted to be killed. He was convicted and was sentenced to 1 year in prison, the max for a 10 month old baby. However, the Prophet of Haters arrived at High Charity state prison, and hated on everyone so much that almost all of them committed suicide. When he was 20, he ran for office, and was elected.

Political LifeEdit

The Prophet of Misinterpretation could never pass any laws, mainly because he always misspelled his name. However, when he overheard president bush's radio broadcast, he orders mass genocide of the grunts, starting the Grunt Rebellion.

Where he is nowEdit

He was killed and teabagged by a grunt. He is now preserved and as of every Christmas, he is thawed out and teabagged by every grunt.

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