AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!
— Prophet of Ignorance
Cquote1Wort wort wort?Cquote2
— Elite failing to understand him
Cquote1I Regret picking him.Cquote2
— Prophet of Regret
One of the lesser known prophets, he is the dumbest of all the prophets. (Even stupider than the prophet of stupidity)
Truth ODST

The Prophet of Ignorance

Life of the Prophet of IgnoranceEdit

Born in a wraith in the middle of a battle, the young prophet crawled out, only to get smacked in the head by Master chief.

The infant on the battlefield was quickly rescued by a Hobo Elite named Iamshitee.

He didn't go to a school, never fully learned a real language (but knows a little bit of Wortinese). more like WHOREtinese!

The Prophets, having a party and high, chose Ignorance for the next prophet. Now They'll Reget that too (Pun Intended)

During his reign as a prophet, he decided to have a drink and a sandwich, but he forgot how to eat and nearly choked to death. He was saved by a elite using C.P.R. (Is that possible?)

Now he lives on the Grunt homeworld, constantly high.

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