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Prophet of Truth
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The Prophet of Bullshit told the covenant a bunch of bullshit. Much like telling them that they were all gay and stupid (he was talking to the Grunts) then he told the Elites to go and suck a dick this made the Elites pissed off and devised ways to kill the bitch so they went to the Prophets they told them that the Prophet of Bullshit eats at a Taco Bell at 4:00 and moves to a McDonalds at 6:00 so that it would be the perfect time to strike so the put grunt farts and grunt shit in his car and with the addition of every smelly food or anything smelly in his car so basically the entire backseat was fill to the roof with shit and farts.

The prophet of bullshit decided to go to McDonald's for his damn 9th dinner so he hopped into his car and shut the door and smelled the worst thing every grunt, elite, brute, hunter, jackel shit god just imagine the smell of it so anyway bullshit died by a bunch of shit turns out his was a flood sleeper agent so he exploded in a bunch of shit and popcorn causing damage to taco grunt and mcgruntals the covenant had to sell everything but a grunt drank a smoothie that was basically a master assassin who's name I will not speak of if you want to know play assassins creed 2, brotherhood, revelations so yea the fart killed everyone which made bungie angry which made the have to remake every Hulu hoop game every.

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