The Prophet of Truth in his Fat ass mobile

Prophet's Floating Chairs are crappy anti-gravity chairs that replaced wheelchairs. For very, very lazy people like the testicle-chins. Did you notice they don't get up from the chairs in all games, except when Prophet of Truth stood and killed that whore related to Cap'n Keyes? to add to that, how can the Prophet of Truth even walk? he probably got too high on heroin and condoms filled with meth. The Prophet of Regret hasn't stood up from the chair since 2532 and he hasn't regretted it because, unknown to most, it comes with a built in dildo.

The chairs also constantly release heroin into the Prophets' blood stream which is why they are so retarded.

Development Edit

The Floaty Chair concept was developed by a Grunt, although a furry dickface took credit for it. The Grunt had been watching a particularly floaty Huragok, and wondered what it would be like to live a floaty life like the Huragok. So, he scrapped a spirit, a dildo, and a fleshlight, and made the Floaty Chair.

Trivia Edit

  • It is very floaty.
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