Prophet of Lies
Covenant Book
Date Released
1,045 pages
Shipping Weight
1 pound
Price Listing
UNSC Price: $235.99
Covenant Price: $15.00
Grunt Price: $19.00

ProphDef (also known as The Prophet's Book of Semi-Truthful Definitions) is a dictionary that the Prophet of Lies created at his 8th Year of Prophecy. The book has been passed down to Prophets after him, and is held at a special pocket behind the Prophet's Floating Chair. Each Prophet uses the book when he blanks out and completely forgets a definition of a word, for instance, the Prophet of Truth forgot what Grunts are during National Grunt Appreciation Day, so he looked it up in the ProphDef, which read as "3 year old badasses given weapons about half their size."

ProphDef also has references to responses to hard to answer questions such as, "<point to nearest grunt> He did it! He did it! Kill him!"

Definitions Edit

Here are some of the definitions from ProphDef:

E Edit

Definitions of 'Elite'

1. (noun) Elite

victim in an accident involving loss of jaw parts, also the ones that betrayed us and kicked our asses.

F Edit

Definitions of 'Flood'

1. (noun) Flood

parasites that raped Prophet of Mercy, and resemble tasty popcorn.

Definitions of 'Forerunner'

1. (noun) Forerunner

gods that got killed by the Flood. Worship them all the time.

G Edit

Definitions of 'Glassing'

1. (verb) Glassing

holy barbecuing of a planet

Definitions of 'Grunt'

1. (noun) Grunt

3 year old badasses given weapons about half their size

2. (verb) grunt

an outburst of joy during fucking

H Edit

Definitions of 'Human'

1. (noun) Human

vermin trying to stop our mind control powers

Definitions of 'Hunter'

1. (noun) Hunter

can of worms that are smart enough to follow our commands and rape humans in teh bum

J Edit

Definitions of 'Jackal'

1. (noun) Jackal

a jackass turkey

M Edit

Definitions of 'Mauler'

  1. Main weapon in recent noob combo . Partnered with a plasma pistol, allows noobs to kill other people, whilst still being able to kill themselves. Frowned upon by normal people.

Definitions of 'Mumma/Momma'

  1. Mumma/Momma, Your: Mythological beast said to be able to destroy Chuck Norris by flirting with him.
  2. (Jokes) Defense against noob invasions

Definitions of 'UNSC Marines' 1. Noob. Can't hit a target at point blank to save their lives, and are always driving into walls.

N Edit

Definitions of 'Needler'

  1. Pink needle shooter. Invented by gay elites. Only effective against noobs.

Definitions of 'Needle Rifle'

  1. Long range needler. Ultimate pwnage against unshielded targets

Definitions of 'Food Nipple'

  1. The secret source of Gruntiness.
  2. What grunts feed upon.

Definitions of 'Noob'

  1. (noun)Mindless suicidal scum.
  2. (proper noun) Tartar Sauce
  3. Marines

Definitions of 'Noob Combo'

  1. Combination of weapons (ie: Pistol and Plasma Pistol) designed to increase chances of noobs injuring other people. All variations will include a plasma pistol and an either headshot capable weapon or a weapon powerful against those with downed shields.

Definitions of 'Noobler'

  1. See Needler

P Edit

Definitions of 'Phantom'

1. (noun) Phantom

the purple pimpmobile that flies

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