Preparing to Die...Edit

First 3 noobs are talking about more noobs when their daddy comes with someone with reconz and then they keep thinking "OMG she h4z r3c0nz FTW" then daddy gets angry and prohibed them to play halo 3 then some dumb @ss marine wakes you up for no reason and throws you out of the ship on a magical pod.


You go into the magical pod and fly out of the @ss, your comrades crash into the evil Covenant spork. You are in freefall when the gasbags blow up and you have to battle your way through a bunch of turkeys and a few fluffies.

Transcript Edit

Rookie: ......

Romeo: Wake up, stupid fuck

Dutch rapes Romeo

Dutch: take it easy


Dare: STFU

Everyone but Dare and Rookie: Z0MG U H4V3 R3C0N GIB

Dare: no

Buck: k noob you are going on a trip to hell

Rookie: ......

Rookie is shoved into a drop-pod

Romeo: lollolololo k bye

Rookie's drop-pod goes down into hell

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