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Super Gruntiness-Grunt, Grunt Norris or commonly known as Pope Yapyap II carried the legendary dick-staff of Pope Yapyap I, and is rumored to be the son of the Mythic Flipyap the Great. He was so pumped full of Uber-Gruntiness that an Elite challenged him to a sword duel and lost to Yapyap II's middle finger. Even the almighty God (a.k.a Mister Chef) would find Pope Yapyap II a challenge. The Prophet of Haters (somehow, don't ask me, it's the monkey on the typewriter controlling...everything.)ranks below the Pope Yapyap II. He is so powerful that whenever he jumps (or tries to) into the Heretic Pit, he is rejected and is immediately ejected. Cortana is his personal bitch, Johnson is his bodyguard, and the Anti-son-of-a-bitch machine (Hula-Hoop) is his car. Also being the super grunt that he is, Pope Yapyap II loves to suckle on food penises boobs on the covenant star ships.

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