Poonflip was an awesome grunt full of pure gruntiness. Poonflip was a very flippy poon, and was the flippiest poon an anonymous grunt (who died soon after) ever knew. Both were killed by the Master Chief and the Arbiturd.

Biography Edit

Poonflip was born during the Human-Covenant War, so war was all he knew. His original name was Shoop Da Woop, but as he got gruntier and flippier, they started calling him Poonflip. He wielded a plasma pistol he named "The Bipper" and killed dozens of Marines. He climbed the ranks of poon-ness, and he became flippier and flippier until at last, he became the flippiest poon ever. However one fateful day in 2552, the Demon attacked Poonflip and mercilessly killed him. Still, Poonflip's legacy lives on.

Trivia Edit

  • He was a flippy poon.
  • Was slaughtered by the Chief, much like most grunts the Demon came across.

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