Cquote1I would have pimped yo' momma, but Tiger Woods beat me to it.Cquote2
— Pete Stacker on your mom.

Gunnery Sergeant Pete Stacker is a member of the UNSC Marine Corps, a veteran of the battles of all three Forerunner space stations, one of the most famous NCOs in the Corps, and still isn't as well known as Avery Junior Johnson. Unlike other marines however, he is not a noob in combat.His Insults are second only to Mr.T, and has made many marines and higher ranking officers Shit themselves.

He has a southern US accent of some kind and speaks with little emotion because he believes all his Marines are fucking assholes, who therefore deserve to be shot. He is a close friend of Chuck Norris the Master Chief and has fought against with him on many occasions. His Mom was a pimp and his dad was Mr.T, therfore he kicks ass.

Pillar of Awesome and Alpha Giant Hula-HoopEdit

Staff Sergeant Pete Stacker was stationed at the Pillar of Awesome, there he and his brother from another mother (SSgt. Johnson) kicked the shit out of the Covenants along with Chuck Norris Master Chief, but since the rest of the Marines just sucks ass, the ship was turned into shit!

He escpaed form the Pillar of Awesome in the Bublegum Bumblebee and landed at some God's Own Giant Hula Hoop where he and his brother from another mother battled side to side once again and just killed every single alien in the area, but since the Master Chief was there taking a dump he took all the fame for calling the rescue.

He rescued Captain Keyes from the ship Truth and Reconciliation and helped the Chief to invade some Control Room that led to some anus in the Hula-Hoop. After that, his fate is a total mystery since he escaped by some voodoo magic performed by his Aussie Soldier, Chips Dubbo.

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