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Cquote1Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sh** you di** wait till I get my new armour!Cquote2
— MC after dying thanks to a Pelican n00b because Arby killed a Hornet.
Cquote1Why the f**k can't we kill that f***ing Pelican.Cquote2
— The aliens who drive the Scarab in levels in Halo 3.

What The Hell I Am Talking AboutEdit

A pelican dance is literally a pelican that is so pissed of with evil Hornets and an evil MC or Arby on it that it thinks it can rock off the evil bastard or the evil bitch or bastard Elites off. The n00b who supposedly flies the invincible bird is drunk and clearly thinks that he's better than MC and goes for a fly around the air to rock him off or destroy the Hornet that is a team killer or the person who's putting the retarded marines to sleep as the vet didn't know how to put them down. The dance is the mating dance for pelicans and shows MC and Arby that the n00b flying the pelican can't find the control to the pelican guns because there is a spider on the press to fire button plus they can't read normal writing.

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