For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Overkill.

Overkill, or the "highest acheivement anyone can ever get ever" to noobs, is when you finally manage to get some sort of killstreak and you've been bestowed with a miniscule amount of gruntiness.

Caused by killing four other players in a row, it is best done with a grenade in a bubble shield, but don't cound on this method if you need the directions on how to do it. (noob).

  • This is a special service announcement from commander keyes.*

If we allow noobs to get a killstreak over an overkill, then we are all doomed. Their resounding cries of victory will cause them to think that they can actually succeed in this war, and we must not let that happen. If you see a noob with an overkill streak, report him to us, or you can just kill him slowly on the spot. The latter is preferable.

Ways to get an OverkillEdit

1.) use a Rocket launcher until it's out of ammo.

2.) Gravity Hammer all of your teammates

3). Stick yourself and run into the enemy's base.

4.) Profit!!

5) Stick a noob and watch him run into a group of his allies like an awesome grunt.

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