Long time cousin of the stealth elite and the space chickens, they don't have any shields (like every member in the covenant that is killed/owned/nOOb bane/marine counterparts with weapons that have one shots)and use an out dated version of a MP3 to record human intelligence. If it's anything like marine AI than all there gonna see is people commiting suicide by shooting rocket's at walls two cm away and forgetting that their frags don't stick.

They hang back as they are not allowed to attack enemys unless they are attacked by someone with really good eyes or with there gay looking flash light wich makes the multiplayer boring as hell in all Ossona battles with no shooting each other and recording Yo Mama jokes Unfortunantly they always mix up the tapes so the prophets almost always get the elite porn as if to say 'THATS FOR TAKING MY SHIELD FUCKERS'. This results in there disgust as they couldn't masterbate there testicle chins in private. The rank is usually symbol of a promotion which unfortunantly looks like they go from nOOb to super nOOb to less than ordinary noob infected rank.

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