Cquote1Wow, that battle was hella big!Cquote2
— Random Marine


Cquote1What do you think lives there? Dunno, Marines?Cquote2
— Conversation between two marines
Cquote1Do they have a Wal-Mart?Cquote2
— Lost Grunt
Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Onyx burn you!Cquote2
— The Arbiter after looking at the battle while eating a cheeseburger
Cquote1Who's that Pokemon? Its Onyx!!Cquote2
— Ash Ketchup
— Everyone
Cquote1Oh shit wrong showCquote2
— Ash Ketchup

Onyx is a big place in space. Known to Xenomorphs and Drinols as Nylundia, or Phonyx to a single human being, was a Forerunner place with natural Resources such as Trading Cards. It is home planet of giant rocky penis like Pokemons called Onyx. However it is unknown how they reproduce, i mean seriously, they are already giant penises themselves, unless they're gay, they can't reproduce, and even if they are gay they still can't reproduce. But in like 3 months, they got owned and taken over by the sentinels and other forerunners' shit.


Onyx had an oxygen-nitrogen gas atmosphere of suitable pressure for losers. Onyx also has 4 moons. They are named Mas, Ef, Chi, and Ter. Notice if you scramble these up, they spell Master Chief, if you say it through, it sounds like Masive Cheater.


Onyx was discovered by the noobs. They decided to name it onyx because of so many Pokemon and onyx colored Nintendo DS.If you dont know what a (onyx)is its a rock thing! During the Battle Of Onyx, a Spartan-III known Kurt Ambrosia, famous for Grunt Salad mixed with Coconuts and Oranges, found out what Onyx really was. The Forerunner Technology known as Jigsaw, Had tested him in History after placing a Bomb in his ass. Kurt had no idea what the History of the forerunners was and he fought his way out instead of doing it. He found some covenant, just as the bomb exploded. He was Pronounced MIA. That's Missing In Action to the idiots who don't know what Abbrieviations mean.

Battle of OnyxEdit

In 2552, Onyx's Sentinels were pissed of by the standby signal from a Hula Hoop, so this initiated the Battle of Onyx and revealing Onyx's true power.


Battle of Onyx.

Some planet named after a pokemon | One with grass and water and a lot of pollution | The planet that gets glassed | A good place to harvest drugs | Once in a brute moon

References To Other CulturesEdit

The name Onyx is a reference to the Japanese game Pokemon in which Onix as its called is a rock penis. This probaly meant that either: A.Bungie has absolute no ideas and so were forced to use the name but slightly changed to avoid copyright OR B.Bungie has a secret love for Nintendo and anime card games used by children. Pokemon really doesn't ount as Anime, but Most nintendo crap does.

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