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Olifants, or Oily Farts, are small blue Elephants without guns. They are used to collect people's shit and dump it into the Indian Ocean. Gasbags like hiding in them. Unlike Elephants, Oliphants can be blown up because they don't have Gruntiness.

Once, a certain Grunt accidentally ran over 46 Marines, 227 turkeys, 6 Brutes, 12 Elites, a Prophet, and Ricky Martin while in an Olifant.

Halo 3: ODST Edit

After rescuing the Virgin, the Rookie and friends decide to sneak out of Newb Mombassa. Unfortunately, Vergil hid in a Olifant and began running over stuff, attracting the attention of the Covenant and forcing the ODST's to fight through another fucking swamp of Covenant feces. Thankfully, Vergil added shielding.

After about 75 miles, a Scorpion, a few Warthogs, and thousands of alien corpses, Vergil decided to stop for a potty break, where the ODST's were rescued by the Phantom "N00B PWNER". They then proceeded to ditch New Mombasa after buying cheeseburgers at McDonalds.

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