Cquote1Take that you ugly pincer jawed dinosaur from Aliens vs Predator! Cquote2
— Jorge farming cR with the target designator.


Noble Team flies to Area 51 Sword Base after finding out Jorge is farming crack cR there. Unfortunately the Modern Warfare 2 L337 clan has found out about their prescence and plan an invasion... and a beer party!


Two falcons appear. Does anyone know if rims can be installed on Falcons ? It's good to be pimped in da hood dawg, but back to the point.

Carter: *looks at the Banhammer in the distance* "OK we get Jorge and then we get out. Everyone clear ?"

A L337 fires a plasma launcher

Kat: "Cya bitches!"

Noble Six: "Hey! I pay you to touch me, not to be a nub!"

Kat jumps out of the Falcon followed by Six.


Somewhere near your mom

Jorge: "I am tired of those mother****** banhammers on my mother******* game !"

Marine: "Wouldn't farming 300,000,000 cR per game be noticeable by the ninjas"

Jorge: " No, especially when they all Noob evolved into Hayabusa and then went to Modern Warfare 2."

Marine #2: "Banhammer getting closer ! Someone get on that AAA."

Jorge: *looks at banhammer* "That dick is HUGE. Gotta get Emile to suck it then post it on Youtube"

They scrap the gun and go to Sword Base. Meanwhile at Noble Six's position.

Kat: "Let's find Jorge. I better get my fair share"

Rest of Noble Team shows up.

Carter: "Never .. Leave .. Me ... With ... Jun ... High ... Again "

Emile: "I was there too. "


Noble Team gets in a Hog and 'drives' to Sword Base to try and find Jorge.

Emile: "Well we're her-"

Jorge: "Emile! Suck that huge floating dick hovering outside !"

Emile: "What did you say ?!" *takes out knife*

Jorge: "You heard me. Do it I'm recording you"

Carter: "Calm down guys. Jorge that's not a dick, that's a banhammer"

Jun: "NOM NOM NOM !"

Jorge: "Yeah I'm farming, now leave"

Emile: "... You're an idiot"

'Noble Six steals Jorge's gun then run to make him follow him while Jun screams NOM. THE END[or is it?]

Part Two[come with Halo: Reach x2 super-duper party pack]Edit

Ant Dot: Hello welcome to Area 51.1. Would you like to run the toutorial program?


Ant Dot: Program Code over written. Would you like to run the beer party program?

Jorge runs over.

Jorge: Yes Yes Yes!

Six: why d' left us at Outpost with nothing but our underwear? You told us this was Beach! Brrr Sword Base is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzziiiing.[faints and dies and respawns]

Emilie: We respawned?

run into a gauss cannon and dies. Falacon flies over and the rest of [un]noble drops by.

Kat: WHAT DID YOU DO TO EMILIE! he was my lover!

Kat starts to sue everthing [s]he see. Noble goes into area 51.1 except Jorge who went to the beer party and got drunk. Note: Jorge does not help Noble 'cause hes drunk. His cuz Forge, replaces him.

Capt. Black: John, scream like a girl! Keys get on the computer and tell comand Theve got the beer!

Carter: Whats going on?

Keys: Done sir! Turns out theve got a short cut.

Carter: Ctl-F-U

Black: Keys good job now scream like a girl.[turns to Carter] The coves want to build a steakhouse on goverment property! By the way where is your girlfriend Kat?

Carter: She isn't my girlfriend.


The end.

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I'm not listing the Spartan Ops levels.

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