ODST Armor is horrible tough armor that has no protection whatsoever. The only difference of Marines are the double "comfy" padding that fits with all types of... Well, you know. The helmets are motorcycle helmets, just to try and see if they can act like Spartans. The only cool ODST is Rookie, because he actually wears his helmet as a protective shield to the head.

Helmet CharicteristicsEdit

The Helmet has a slight protection, although Halo 3: ODST lies and says "Does not effect survivability.". Wear a helmet, especially when dropping from the sky. It does have a slight protection from AIDS, but doesn't protect you for long. It takes how long a Grunt can take out Master Chief on Easy for an ODST to kill a Grunt on Easy.
ODST Helmet

ODST Helmet; A.K.A. Motorcycle and Spartan Helmet Hybrid.

ODST SuperpowersEdit

With the helmet, they can activate VISR Mode.

a flying testiclebrain gives you a map.

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