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How the noob combo sucksEdit

The noob combo was invented by some retard noob that apparently allows him to do really good but is then used against him as some good players grab weapons and FU** him up big time. All noobs who make a map on forge should just spread weapons out and not make a FU**in' armoury on their side as it is just a sad excuse to play suposedly good and not FU** up as all noobs do as soon as they start.

How sad the noob combo isEdit

All noobs don't realize that they will be FU**ed up by the good players that use weapons well and don't SH** on them and try to grab the Splazer or rocket launcher and get in a (BFNK) Big Noob Killer

But sadly they are then owned when a good player sticks a plasma grenade to their forehead.

Our *cough* Scientists *cough* Have shown that noob combos are gay as they kill the noob (FU**er) themselves and make good players seem even better.

A message to all noobsEdit

"Stop making noob combos as you are FU**ing yourself up and making everyone else seem great!!!"

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