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Deez guys go hard.

Noble Team (aka Nooble Team) is the group of Spartans that you fight alongside in Halo: Reach Around and slap an ass.

Members of Noble TeamEdit

Carter-A259 - The leader of the group, but also the badass one. This is proven when he ends up ramming a Scarab in the ass. And has the worst death as he never did any thing but arouse Colonel Holland

Kat-B320 - The bitch of the group, but also the smart one. She nags constantly and has a nice ass, too bad she is atrocious at driving, she will end up killing you, but you are the only one in Noble that doesn't use hax, so she is the only survivor.

Jun-A266 - Sniper and old bald guy. He is one helluva shot, and likes to fuck the dead bodies of his victims. Despite his role as a sniper, he never shuts up.You can't understand this n00b all he says is "NOM NOM NOM!!"

Jorge-052 - 2nd most badass dude on the team. He stands easily taller than everybody, and has a tank of his own sperm on his chest.

Emile - Most badass dude on the team, and also has a face painted on his visor. He also loves Sharp shit and ramming them up Grunts asses, sideways.

Noble Six - Newest member of Noble team after some guy named Thom suicide-bombed a CCS-class Battlecruiser out of the sky and then got his arse blown by a noob on Live, he has no head (PROOF: VIEW NOBLE ACTUAL CUTSCENE WITH HAUTNED HELMET) and speaks through his asshole.