Cquote1Yes! This hack is too cool! I'm so gonna... what the hell?Cquote2
— Carter after getting banned from LIVE


We begin Noble Team's adventure at a remote gaming outpost on Reach. Carter and Kat are playing Halo: Reach using aimbots and hacks. (Funny how Reach is playing Reach.) Suddenly something aweful happens. At the same time a new hacker is about to arrive. Lets see...


A Falcon flies in and crashes into a parked Falcon. The pilot tumbles out holding his Heineken. A Warthog drives past the helicopter crash and Noble Six jumps out. He takes the pilot's Heineken and bashes his head with it. Noble Six moves to the gaming building.

Colonel Holland: "Dammit Carter I want to know why my account got banned."

Carter: "You're not the only one complaining. I got my first hack on Reach and now my rank is back at Recruit! WTF?"

Kat: "You always did act like a Recruit." Noble Six walks in. Emile looks up at him after finishing cutting himself. Kat walks over and hits Six upside his head.

Kat: "Commander. Or Recruit."

Jorge: "So that's our new noob?"

Carter: "Any idea who banned us?"

Holland: "Beats me. I made it so Bungie couldn't find our hacks. Only an advanced force could find us. I want my account back up and running. I'm a Colonel in real life but I'm only a Major in Reach. Halo: Reach is way too important to me."

Carter: "I'm only doing this to get my rank back. So don't get cocky."

Holland: "Just shut up and do it or I won't pay for your LIVE subscription anymore."

Carter: "Lieutenant."

Noble Six: "Noob leader, sir."

Carter: "I'm Carter, the best hacker the galaxy will ever know." Points to Noble Team. "That's Kat, Noob 2. Jorge and Emile, 5 and 4." They all head to the Falcons, already repaired.

Carter: "I'm not gonna lie to you Lieutenant, you're stepping into the shoes that Bungie really wants fucked. But I'm glad to have Nooble Team back in the field." They all get in the Falcons. "Just one thing I've read your service record and saw your file share. Glad to have your Halo dedication. But we're a team, that whole betrayal thing you love to do stays behind. Got it?"

Noble Six: "Whatever. I'm just here to get enough cR to buy the Mk VI helmet."


Noble Six: "Huh?"

Carter: "Don't ask." The Falcons fly off in the direction of Microsoft Studios.

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