Cquote1Should I really have my back facing the path Humans like to take. Eh nothings gonna happ... argghhh!Cquote2
— An Elite upon getting assassinated.


Upon defeating the Banhammer at Sword Base Kat discovers that Jorge is having trouble trying to level spam in Nightfall. We join Noble Six and Jun as they move forward to find what's causing it.



Noble Six: "Okay am I the only one who's wondering this? Jun what language are you speaking?"


Noble Six: 0_o

Kat: "Will you guys shut up. We need to find out what's causing the strange bannings on this level. Jorge kept doing the level spam glitch and is getting bashed by the 1337s."

Jun: "NOM NOM!!! ummmm NOM!"

Noble Six: "Give me those bullets. Those things will blow up in your hands."

Six takes Jun's bullets.

Noble Six: "Oh this Elite is toast. Watch this."

Sneaks up on Elite and slices him.

Elite: "Argghhh!"

Grunts: "What the fuck!?"

Kat: "Oh good job you idiot on waking up all the guards."

Several gunshots later...


Noble Six: "Jun, stop t-bagging everything."

They move on.

Guta: "Rawr!"

Noble Six: "The fuck?"

Jun: "Nom?"

Kat: "Its an enraged wildebeast! Pwn it."

Bang bang bang

Guta: "Dud3 y u sh00tin m3? I jus7 h3r3 2 e4t my burgr kingz."


Guta: "Wat h3 s4y?"

Noble Six: "He said to give me a burger."

Jun: D:< "NOM!?"

Noble Six: "Haha."

Six eats a burger while the starving Jun watches.

Six and Jun meet some campers.

Marine: "Help me I'm a coward!"

Noble Six: "Uhhh we just killed everything."

Marine: "You Spartans are good in a fight."

Other Marines: "Kiss ass."

Several annoyances and respawns later.

Jun: "NOM NOM NOM NOM!" Grabs a Marine and violently shakes him. "NOM!"

Kat: "Sure, I see the structure too."

Noble Six: "You would really see it if you were here helping us."

Bomb is planted, they move on.

Jun: "NOM!"

Noble Six: "Yeah, Banshees. And, is that... Kat, there's a Banhammer in the area."

Kat: "Keep going. The 1337s are hiding something."

Noble Six: "Obviously."

Six and Jun kill some more Covies (Jun actually just t-bags them) then abandon the Marines to their fates. They move to a cliff edge.

Jun: "NOM...NOM...NOM!"

Kat: "Confirmed. Recieving Noble 3 and Noble Six live visual of a major 1337 banning site."

Noble Six: "So much banning potential. It could be powerful enough to ban the planet."

Kat: "Agreed. All noobs fall back and drink your gatoraid. Sun will be up when ever the game decides. And then we'll really pwn these 1337 bastards."

Noble Six: "Hey! I've been pwng the 1337s this whole time. Just look at my postgame report. See that? Invincible and Killionaire!"

Jun: "NOM NOM!?"

Noble Six: "Yeah, even Jun got the imaginary T-bag Spree."

Kat: "Watch me get Unfrigginbelievable next level. 50,000 cR."

Noble Six: "You're on bitch."

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I'm not listing the Spartan Ops levels.

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