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New mombasa

New Mombasa after the Grunts used their Gruntiness bomb on it

New mombasa. A city with a rich and and wonderful history from our highly radioactive, deadly, and possibly about explode any second now.Or our wonderful blood soaked beaches litterd with human and Alien body parts and shrapnel from destroyed warthogs banshees.Not in to that kind of stuff then why not rent a fabulous apartment where

entire family were systematically executed and then burned and for a few extra hundred dollars you can even get windows (floors not included). Are you country missing animals?Well then stop by the new mombasa wildlife preserve! Where hundreds of dead zebras rot and the rest were brought onto covenant phantoms to be used as sex slaves.Did i just say that?nevermind.BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!what the hell wa-(the exploison from the nuclear plant kills him)

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