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Cquote1Nigga stole my Needler!Cquote2
— A Random Grunt
Cquote1Dumb bitch I already have this game!Cquote2
— The Needler Sentinel tormenting his mother after buying him COD4.

Sentinel: ND-LRPWN-1429-6573 (more comonly known to people who have a life as Needler Sentinel, and is also known as Noobler Sentinel) was probably one of the most awesome men in all the Halo series. He was a Sentinel (obviously) stationed on Hula Hoop 05 who was killed by the Arbitard. R.I.P.


Early LifeEdit

He, like Lord Shithead, was created by the Forerunner Antonio Banderes and was painted gold during his
Sentinel Major

Needler Sentinel before he filled his Sentinel Beam with Needler Shards...

construction. Except, he, unlike his Lord Shithead, was stationed on Delta Halo during the Forerunner-Flood War. The whole Installation was infested with AIDS and still is. So Needler Sentinel killed like a million of em with his Sentinel Beam, and about a few seconds after that, The Ark was activated, which killed every race that God considered a mistake and caused the Flood to starve to death.

How He Got His NeedlerEdit

Well, about a million-some years after the Hula Hoops activated, Needler Sentinel realized his Sentinel Beam was out of fuel. But luckily for him, a random Grunt fell from his Phantom and landed into Installation 05's library, due to there being no fall damage in Halo 2, the Grunt was alive. Needler Sentinel was about to approach the Grunt and ask him nicely for his Needler. Once approached, the Grunt said "Big, Scary thing! Run Away!!" so the Grunt fleed and dropped his Needler. Needler Sentinel then filled his Sentinel Beam with Needler Shards thus giving him the nickname "Needler Sentinel" by his buddies. Which caused the Grunt to come back from where he ran 2 days later and say "Nigga stole my Needler!". But Needler Sentinel's fame didn't last too long, alas, 2 weeks later he met his fate...


Needler Sentinel

The Arbitard encounters Needler Sentinel.

Needler Sentinel was chillin in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory one day, kickin' AIDS ass. Then suddenly one of them Covie douchebags appeared out of nowhere and shot him with a Plasma Rifle until he blew up. Needler Sentinel will be missed...

List of AppearancesEdit

  • Halo 2 (First and Only Appearance)


  • He and Lord Shithead were seperated at birth.
  • Master Chief didn't get a chance to meet him :(
  • Needler Sentinel has a male voice so thats why I'm saying "he".
  • He only appeared in one level in Halo 2.
  • If you leave the Needler sentinel he will disappear anyway
  • The needler sentinel was a prototype creation made by Evil Lord Headfucker, the 9001st horseman of the apocolypse.
  • If you take 999999 shits while getting killed by him.... Nothing will happen, stupid!

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