The n00bs.

AV Johnson
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New Mombasa Police Department aka the Noob Marine Patrol Department is a group of n00bs trying to look cool.

Body armorEdit

They wear helmets that protect from headshots. They don't know how to use any weapons except pistols and shotguns and Assault Rifles. The Marines actually seem stronger. But they both don't know how to use weapons except the ones mentions up there. They have bullet proof vests on. Why not plasma proof? How should I know? They also know how to die. The ODSTs are called "Troopers" by them, when there's a Marine right there.

They put on their uniforms by saying "NMPD Emergency!"

The last n00bEdit

There is one who was alive with a shotgun. He sits there masurbating until you find him. He is like, "Hi trooper. I wantz rec0nz!!!!" And shoots at you, or gets molested by buggers.


A lot of them were dead as shit just by the CCS thingies showing up. They got BURNINATED, SWORDED, and simply WASTED! Covies were like GTA NMPD! Fuck the police.

They tend to watch a TV show called COPS. How!? That show is from the 21st century.

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