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Epic Grunt

Murphy, wielding a Noobler Needler

Murphy the Grunt is a famous grunt who was known for his quick witted decisons, that usually ended up with his whole squad dead.

About Him Edit

Unlike most grunts he uses weapons like the Plasma rifle, Brute Spiker, and a variety of other weapons. He also seems to be good with piloting a Pelican as shown in Episode 28 part 2. He's been hunted by many, even an unnamed elf appearing similar to link from the Legend of Zelda games. His Brother is a Grunt named Frankie, who is the "good" brother. Srg. Banana, despite being a spartan on the UNSC side of things, is one of Murphy's friends. Though never really seen together, Chuck is a friend of Murphy as well. Chuck is a more "heroic" themed character, the opposite in some ways to Srg. Banana, who usually acts like a coward.

The show itself is at a halt now, due to the creators technical difficulties. Whether or not the series will continue is unknown.

Saturday, August 9th, 2008: To all those fans out there, Murphy the Grunt is going to make a possible come-back in the Halo 3 universe. We know the obvious problems that will occur and have worked around them. Murphy, though, will not be the only main character, and might not be shown too often at first. The new season will revolve more aroun Srg. Banana, and Chuck the Elite. I will not go into detail about the story line but I honestly think fans will like it.

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