Explosions, explosions, everywhere...

Multiplayer, Internet, Xbox Live, we know this "thing" by many names, and it's awesome.

Multiplayer does not originate from this galaxy, infact, it is it's own dimension. Multiplayer is a place where you can play against noobs all over the world owning them, then teabagging them at their own infection game.

Multiplayer contains mass Gruntiness, SWAG and noobiness.

Ah. Good Times...

Customising your armour.Edit

Master grunt elite flood

This is the result of Multiplayer...


This is one of the most expensive armor.....

This is the most overrated reason Halo: Reach was so anticipated. It is about getting all the Achievements and cReDiTs so you can get some new armour to show off to MLGs only to get your nooby ass kicked and then you get teabagged. You however can get some cool armour, but you can also get downright SHIT.

A Spartan after a hard day of pwning noobs

Custom armor is also known as, The only reason Noobs bought the game, so yeah... derp.

Noting some things is that during this phase watch how your armor looks.. it can be disturbing.

People on this-this THING!!!Edit

This is why some CoD players use Multiplayer ability against Halo, one word, Noobs(:O)! Though people on Halo range from the Pro's, to the Semi-Pros, to the Pretty-Good-Guys,to the not-really-good-guys, to the I-suck-and-I-admit-it guys, to the I-hate-this people, to the Noobs. Heres a list and a short description of them all!

1.Noobs: Self-centered 8-year olds who scream alot. see this link for more info.

2. I hate this server/place/map: People just like noobs except they think this Server/Map/Place sucks.

3.Honest guys: They suck, but they admit it.

4.People who are good but not that good: They're bad, but they dont suck.

5.Good-Pretty guys: These guys are pretty good at the game just not the best.

6.Semi-Pros: They are so close to being beast, they usually train on higher targets.

7. Pros: The 3rd highest rank(OMG I forgot to mention #9) They own noobs :D!

8.Life: They usually play Campaign, but they are higher than Pros :O!

9.Men/Women of Indestructibility: Usually highest rank and love to pwn everything!

These are the ranks of Multiplayer (the real ones)!

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